Young girl suffers brain injury after being hit by car in Florida

When an individual suffers a head injury, the results can be severe. Such an injury could lead to substantial difficulties in recovery and cause long-term hardships for the individual affected. If a brain injury is the result of a car accident, the family of the victim may want to seek compensation for medical expenses by filing a personal injury claim on behalf of the injured party.

An accident in Florida recently led to the injuries of two children. It was reported that a 40-year-old driver was attempting to exit a drug store parking lot when he went around vehicles that were stopped in front of him. In doing so, he moved into the opposite lane of travel and drove onto a curb. A 10-year-old girl and young boy were hit by the car.

The boy suffered minor injuries, but the young girl was seriously injured. It was reported that she suffered a brain injury, which damaged 80 percent of the left of her brain and caused additional damage to the right side. She is currently receiving treatment for those injuries. The driver of the car has been charged for leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving.

The family of the young girl is undoubtedly distraught over the accident and the brain injury that she has suffered. Due to the extent of the damage, it is likely that her treatment and recovery will take a substantial amount of time. This incident could cause considerable financial and emotional challenges for the family, and the child’s parents may wish to file a personal injury claim to seek restitution for damages permissible under Florida law.

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