Premises Liability Claims: Everything You Need to Know

premises liability

Premises liability claims are a type of personal injury lawsuit that arises when someone is injured due to a hazardous condition on someone else’s property. The claim is meant to hold the property owner responsible for any harm that arises from their negligence in maintaining the property. If you have been injured on someone else’s … Read more

Who is Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents on a Property?

If someone falls on your property, are you liable? If someone gets a personal injury as a result of a slip and fall accident on your property, you may be held liable for the victim’s injury, especially if you have been found negligent in creating a safe environment for them. As is the case with … Read more


What Happens When You Call Animal Control on a Neighbor WHAT SHOULD I DO IF MY NEIGHBOR’S DOG BITES ME? The most important thing that you should do immediately after your neighbor’s dog bites you is to identify the dog’s owner. Avoid confronting the owner of the dog regardless of who they are to you … Read more

Understand Slip and Fall Cases (Hiring slip and fall injury lawyer)

Getting injured in a car accident, getting bitten by a neighbor’s dog, and slipping and falling on a property can result in personal injuries. The damage caused by these injuries (slip and falls) is often subject to settlement, especially if they can be proven to be due to negligence on the defaulter’s path.    Based … Read more


airport injuries scene

Value Jet Flight 592. In 1996 the jet airliner crashed in the Everglades ten minutes after takeoff from Miami. 110 passengers and crew aboard were killed. This was without a doubt Florida’s most horrific aviation disaster. Not the only one, unfortunately. In December 2005, a Chalk’s Ocean Airways seaplane crashed off Miami Beach.  The plane’s … Read more


Negligent repair

Car accident lawyers know that sometimes a negligent party wasn’t present at the scene of an accident their negligence caused. When Silver Injury Law, PA investigates a client’s accident, all possibilities are on the table. One of the avenues that can be fruitful is the maintenance and repair histories of the vehicles involved. Sometimes, a … Read more