Understand Slip and Fall Cases (Hiring slip and fall injury lawyer)

slip and fall lawyer

Getting injured in a car accident, getting bitten by a neighbor’s dog, and slipping and falling on a property can result in personal injuries. The damage caused by these injuries (slip and falls) is often subject to settlement, especially if they can be proven to be due to negligence on the defaulter’s path. 


Based on the extent of the slip and fall injuries. A slip and fall attorney is one who handles cases with regard to personal injury. The job of the slip and fall lawyer in defense of a slip and fall victim is to contact the defendant and the relevant insurance company, establishing the resultant effect of the property owner’s negligence.




Bearing in mind that slip and fall accidents represent a premises liability claim, it is important that when you’re involved in slip and fall accidents, you immediately contact your personal injury attorneys, who will handle the whole process of proving the property owner’s negligence as it pertains to your slip and fall accident.


You need the services of an injury attorney for two major reasons. The first has to do with the property owners and insurers who often deny their legal responsibility in the event of an accident except in cases where the responsibility of property owners remains obvious. 

The second major reason often has defendants (property owner lawyers) in slip and fall cases arguing that victims’ injury claims are not as bad. Thus, it makes perfect sense to employ the services of a law firm because you might not be able to defend yourself well as fault for a slip and fall accident isn’t usually clear.


Common injuries due for compensation may include the presence of unsafe conditions such as poor lighting, broken bones, hip fractures, and defective equipment in grocery stores among other things.




Once your attorney can prove that the accident was solely the fault of the property owner fault, then the next thing is to prove the type and severity of your injuries and other damages, as well as the pain and suffering, and all the losses caused by the negligence of the property owner. 


The severity of the injury is a huge factor that affects the settlement offered to the victim. Due to the differences in each case, the settlement varies.



Compensation for slip and fall cases varies according to the case’s uniqueness. As a result, the numbers are not set in stone, therefore, you may get a different sum in compensation from the average payout. The average payout for slip and fall cases falls between $30,000 – $40,000. 


According to the relevant authorities on issues like this, (National Floor Safety Institute), there is no standard for all slip and fall cases since most cases are unique. This implies that certain victims may recover a smaller percentage in dollars, while others may recover compensation exceeding the known slip and fall thresholds. 


In conclusion, the outcome of most slip and fall cases may be attributed to the capability of your slip and fall attorney. An attorney with a better understanding and experience of slip and fall cases can oftentimes tell what a case is worth in court. 

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to hire the best slip and fall lawyer you can find.


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