Which of these Causes the Most Motorcycle Collisions?

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What causes the most motorcycle collisions? Motorcycle accidents do not occur as frequently as other types of accidents, but motorcycle crashes are more likely to result in serious injury or death. Statistics have shown that there are 35 times more deaths from motorcycle accidents than from car accidents. Common motorcycle crashes can very often result … Read more

Motorcycle Cases

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Motorcycles are involved in just under 4% of all vehicle accidents but account for nearly 15% of fatalities.  More than 95% of riders involved in a crash sustain an injury of some kind, with roughly half of these severe injuries. There’s no mystery in this. Cars envelop passengers in a  protective barrier. Motorcycles don’t. Florida’s … Read more

Family of Florida accident victim may consider wrongful death

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When motorcyclists have friends who also enjoy traveling by motorcycle, they may sometimes travel in groups. These groups are often more visible to other drivers than motorcyclists who may be traveling on their own. Because lone motorcyclists can be easily overlooked by drivers of larger vehicles, a fatal accident could take place, and a wrongful … Read more

Florida truck accident leads to motorcyclist’s death

Vehicle collisions can take place under various circumstances. As a result, it is important that investigators examine all potential factors that may have contributed to an accident, especially if there are serious injuries or fatalities. A truck accident could easily lead to such outcomes, particularly if a motorcycle is involved. Investigations can often uncover aspects … Read more

Florida hit-and-run car accident injures 2

Individuals hurt in a car accident can face many hurdles on the road to recovery. Some car accidents can result in individuals facing long-term or even permanently debilitating injuries. In many situations, victims of car accidents suffer even more anguish because their incidents involve hit-and-run drivers. This was the unfortunate case for a Florida couple … Read more

Motorcycle accident leads to deaths in Florida

Losing family members in sudden accidents may mean that individuals have much to deal with in a short period of time. Surviving family may need to determine how to handle funeral arrangements, estate issues and other aspects that may arise from a fatal motorcycle accident. Because such situations can be stressful and lead to financial … Read more