Florida hit-and-run car accident injures 2

Individuals hurt in a car accident can face many hurdles on the road to recovery. Some car accidents can result in individuals facing long-term or even permanently debilitating injuries. In many situations, victims of car accidents suffer even more anguish because their incidents involve hit-and-run drivers. This was the unfortunate case for a Florida couple who were seriously injured in a recent car accident.

According to the report, a motorcycle was involved in an accident with an SUV. The SUV entered the roadway in front of the motorcycle, causing the driver of the motorcycle to crash into the SUV. Following the accident, the driver of the SUV reportedly stopped momentarily before driving away.

The driver of the motorcycle claims that the SUV’s driver looked at him as he asked for help before she drove away. The motorcycle rider’s wife was also thrown from the motorcycle and was laying unconscious in the street. Both injured parties were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for their injuries. While the wife was reportedly treated for her injuries and allowed to finish her recovery at the couple’s home, the husband remains at the hospital with a broken leg.

Hit-and-run car accidents, though not necessarily common, can be extremely unfortunate occurrences for motorists. Victims of these types of accidents not only face any physical injuries they may have, but also concerns about the hit-and-run driver not being held responsible. Typically, drivers who leave the scene of the crime are eventually found and held accountable. Individuals, such as this Florida couple, who are injured in a car accident that resulted from another party’s negligent actions may be able to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for their injuries.

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