Are There Mandatory Penalties for The 1st Offense of a DUI in Florida?

DUI in Florida

When people get arrested for a DUI in Florida, they are scared and may have no idea what they’re in for. That’s why it’s so important to call a DUI defense attorney in Florida right away. In fact, it should be the first phone call you make after your arrest. Florida is a bit different … Read more


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Friday, August 23, 2019, was a climactic day in the five-year-long case of a Tallahassee hit-and-run accident.  A jury awarded damages totaling $30.8 million to the victim, a pedestrian who’d survived with profound brain damage.  In addition to the amount of the award, the case and verdict are instructive with regard to dram shop liability. … Read more


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Florida is now one of 33 states that permit the use of cannabis (marijuana) for medical purposes. Governor Ron De Santis plans to press for a further easing of restrictions on medical marijuana.  Whatever one’s own opinion of cannabis, it’s clear that use is on the rise in our state. It’s also clear that cannabis impairs cognitive functions … Read more

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

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The Ways Alcohol Affects the Brain You may think that alcohol affects only heavy and chronic drinker’s brains, but you would be wrong. There are some common effects, which almost every person who drinks alcohol experiences. In this piece, we will examine the effects of alcohol from mild to severe. Occasional and Moderate Drinkers There are some … Read more