How to Report Drunk Driving

A young man behind the wheel in a business suit with disheveled hair after being pulled over - police lights reflecting off his car

Drunk driving remains a significant public safety issue, causing thousands of accidents and fatalities each year. The decision to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol not only endangers the driver but everyone else on the road as well. Recognizing and reporting drunk driving can be a crucial step in preventing these needless tragedies and … Read more


drinking driving accident verdict gavel

Friday, August 23, 2019, was a climactic day in the five-year-long case of a Tallahassee hit-and-run accident.  A jury awarded damages totaling $30.8 million to the victim, a pedestrian who’d survived with profound brain damage.  In addition to the amount of the award, the case and verdict are instructive with regard to dram shop liability. … Read more


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Florida is now one of 33 states that permit the use of cannabis (marijuana) for medical purposes. Governor Ron De Santis plans to press for a further easing of restrictions on medical marijuana.  Whatever one’s own opinion of cannabis, it’s clear that use is on the rise in our state. It’s also clear that cannabis impairs cognitive functions … Read more

Florida House Committee Passes Ignition Interlock Device Bill

ignition interlock device

Florida just became a little stricter when it comes to its DUI laws. While the state has always taken a tough stand against drinking and driving, a recent bill has taken things one step further with an Ignition Interlock Device law. The Ignition Interlock Device Bill In March 2017, the Florida House Committee passed the … Read more

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

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The Ways Alcohol Affects the Brain You may think that alcohol affects only heavy and chronic drinker’s brains, but you would be wrong. There are some common effects, which almost every person who drinks alcohol experiences. In this piece, we will examine the effects of alcohol from mild to severe. Occasional and Moderate Drinkers There are some … Read more

A Boca Raton DUI Lawyer Can Help You In Your Time of Need

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If you are facing a DUI conviction, a Boca Raton DUI lawyer is the best asset you can have. There are consequences if you are convicted of just one DUI. And with multiple offenses on your record, you put your future in serious jeopardy. In order to help you find the assistance you need exactly … Read more