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Friday, August 23, 2019, was a climactic day in the five-year-long case of a Tallahassee hit-and-run accident.  A jury awarded damages totaling $30.8 million to the victim, a pedestrian who’d survived with profound brain damage.  In addition to the amount of the award, the case and verdict are instructive with regard to dram shop liability. … Read more


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Pain is a survival tool. It lets us know when we’re suffering harm. Tells us we need to do something about it.  There are people with medical disorders which make them unable to feel pain. This condition, called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP) leaves victims at great risk. Many die in childhood from injuries they … Read more


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The July 12 death of wildly popular YouTube star Emily Hartridge in London has turbocharged the controversies over e-scooters.  Ms. Hartridge, 35, was hit by a truck and killed while negotiating busy roundabout on an e-scooter.  British media reports indicate that hers was the first of the e-scooter fatalities in the United Kingdom. Ms. Hartridge’s … Read more


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Even if you haven’t tried or seen one yet, you’ve probably been exposed to the buzzwords. Micro-mobility. And last-mile transportation. These are personal, motorized “vehicles” of various kinds. They move one person, typically at low speeds, over short distances. Micro-mobility riders don’t own the machines. Rather, a key feature of this trend is the servitization … Read more


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About a quarter of a million Floridians live with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our emergency rooms diagnose about 120,000 cases each year. Of these, 23,000 are hospitalized. About 10,000 suffer long-term disabilities. Nearly all these brain injuries were caused by accidents of various kinds. Consequently, brain injury claims are a mainstay of personal injury law. … Read more

Pricing Your Pain for Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Cases

At some point soon after being hurt in any kind of accident, a person’s thoughts naturally turn to the matter of being made “whole”. The focus then shifts to the question of fault. If another person or persons are to be held accountable, the matter must be directed through the laws governing personal injury. If … Read more

145,000 Floridians per year suffer a brain injury

Every year, approximately 145,000 people suffer a brain injury in Florida. These injuries can be caused from a number of sources, including contact sports, car accidents, falls and intentional crimes. In some cases, these individuals may be treated and released without serious complications, but a minimum of 9,000 of these cases will result in disabilities … Read more