Florida beach accident resulted in brain injury, civil claim

A trip to the beach is an everyday experience for many of Florida’s residents. It is often a chance to relax or spend time with family. Most people do not expect it to be a negative event, but a beach can be just as dangerous as anywhere else. Such is the story of one out-of-state woman who was vacationing on the Atlantic Ocean with her family. She was the victim of a terrible accident that left her with a severe brain injury.

The incident happened about three years ago when the woman and her husband decided to take their children on a family trip to Daytona Beach. While she lounged on the sand, the rest of her family played in the surf. A lifeguard in a beach pickup truck accidentally allegedly ran over her, causing severe injuries — memory loss and facial paralysis, among others — that she claims she still suffers from today. The woman says her quality of life was severely impacted as well.

She filed a lawsuit against the county and recently gave testimony at the trial. Representatives for the county say that while they accept responsibility for the accident, they disagree that all of the woman’s injuries are related to that event. The results of the civil suit are still pending at this time.

Those unfortunate enough to suffer from a brain injury due to the mistakes of another party may feel that filing a civil claim, as this woman did, is the right course of action for them. If such a suit is litigated successfully, it could result in financial compensation relative to the extent of any damage the victim suffered. Florida families can rest assured that if something as devastating and tragic as this were to happen to one of their loved ones, there are ways to hold responsible parties accountable.

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