Boca Raton Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

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Severe burns, dismemberment, and serious injuries to the brain or spinal cord can change the victim’s life forever. These are catastrophic injuries.  They devastate a victim’s loved ones, too.  Pain, reduced ability to enjoy everyday activities, and lost wages are among the long-term damages. So are lost opportunities for the victim and family members. The challenges are physical, emotional, and also financial.

Catastrophic injuries are often permanent and require ongoing and costly medical care. The costs are often beyond the means of victims and families. Many families don’t have health insurance or enough money to cover all the needed care. Even with health insurance, there may be caps on the coverage amounts.

Over Two Decades of Service for Seriously Injured Victims Throughout South Florida

If you or a family member sustains a catastrophic injury, we’ll help you seek justice. Our experienced Boca Raton legal team will make sure that the present and future costs of the injuries are accurately valued and compensated. This is a crucial step toward enabling victims and their families to move forward. To get back to living their lives.

Coping with such injuries is costly, stressful, and lengthy. At the same time, though, a victim must act to recover monetary damages. The legal team at Silver Injury Law  are passionate, dedicated to justice, and committed to serving the special needs of such clients.

Fault And Liability

The first step in recovering damages is establishing fault. This, however, can be a complex process. The financial stakes may be very large. Defendants (corporations, insurance companies, and individuals) forcefully defend themselves.  In some cases, moreover, there are multiple parties at fault. The defendant’s lawyers will use every possible tactic to dodge liability. In fact, they’ll often try to show the victim was at fault.  Once we establish liability, the next step is putting a dollar value on the victim’s injuries. This, too, has special features in these cases.

Long-term Impacts of Catastrophic Injuries

This class of injury often has long-term or life-long impact. Indeed, there may be no end to the expenses for care. Hence, assessing these future expenses is crucial. Identifying and accounting for future costs, though, can be highly technical. It often requires expert analysis by professionals in various fields. Silver Injury Law partners with the best experts available. The forecasts we present are detailed and persuasive.  This favors reaching a just settlement without trial.

Our Team Is Your Team

Our lawyers bring more to the table than just legal skills. Clients, after all, are human beings. Human beings in crisis.  We treat clients as an extension of our family. We demonstrate this bond in negotiations and in the courtroom. Defendants and defense lawyers note that our commitment to clients is total.  In the end, though, it’s the client, not we, who makes the key decisions. For example, whether to settle the case or take it to trial. In any case, Silver Injury Law, PA provides our clients with realistic advice for informed decisions based on the facts.

Call us if you or a family member has sustained a catastrophic injury. It’s essential to engage a legal team as soon as possible. Victims and families can all-too-easily say or do things that later weaken their claim. Silver Injury Law has a Car Accident Attorney in Boca Raton ready to assist you with your case, we’ll gladly answer your questions in your time of need. Initial consultations are free of charge. Call us toll-free at (844)977-5297.