Whiplash Injury Attorney Boca Raton

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Whiplash is no joke. This painful neck sprain can occur in a number of situations but is most often associated with a vehicular accident. Whiplash can affect every aspect of your life, including your ability to work and to care for your family. If you are the victim of whiplash, you should contact a whiplash injury lawyer. Silver Injury Law P.A is a Boca Raton Car Accident Law Firm that has handled car accident cases since 1993.

Whiplash Basics

Whiplash occurs when your neck is thrust forward and backward in a violent manner. Named after the motion of a whip, you can suffer this injury during a football game, a physical altercation and a traffic accident.

The symptoms of whiplash can develop almost immediately; in other instances, they might take a while to develop. That is why you should always visit the emergency room or your primary care physician after an accident. Whiplash symptoms include neck pain, stiffness, headaches, arm numbness and dizziness. Your neck movement is often limited as well. In some cases, more severe symptoms like blurred vision and cognitive issues occur.

Whiplash Pain and Suffering

With treatment, whiplash symptoms may resolve in a matter of months. For some victims, the effects of whiplash can last for years or even be permanent. Since the effects of whiplash are uncertain, you should consider consulting a whiplash injury attorney.

While a quick insurance payment may include money for immediate doctor bills and loss of work, it will not help you if you have long-term problems. In addition to getting actual financial damages for your condition, a good whiplash attorney can get financial relief for your pain and suffering.

Insurance companies often use several methods to determine pain and suffering payouts. They may multiply the actual damages by a number between one and five depending on the extent of your injury. Others may assign an amount for each day until you recover.

Whiplash Payout

The amount of payout you can expect will depend on several factors, including the seriousness of your injury. For a moderate injury, you can expect between $2,500 – $10,000. If you require physical therapy, it’s possible you could receive around $30,000. For extensive injuries, including nerve and/or vertebrae damage, you could be awarded as much as $100,000 or more.

If you have suffered whiplash, contact a whiplash injury attorney at Silver Injury Law in Boca Raton. Remember that your neck sprain can adversely affect your life for years, if not permanently. Protecting yourself financially means pursuing a legitimate insurance claim now.