Wrongful death claim may be warranted after Florida crash

Losing a loved one in a car accident can be a devastating event, and it can be even more harrowing if multiple family members are killed. The surviving loved ones may feel overwhelmed by their situation and the emotional and financial struggles that may result from a fatal event. If they feel it could be the right step, they may want to consider filing a wrongful death claim.

One family may be looking into such an option after a Florida accident resulted in multiple deaths. It was reported that a pickup truck was traveling east when the driver attempted to change lanes. This action caused the truck to hydroplane on the wet roadway, which in turn led to the driver losing control and traveling across the median. The truck then collided with an SUV and another vehicle, both of which were traveling west.

Three individuals in the SUV, an adult and two children, suffered fatal injuries as a result. Another child in the SUV was seriously injured and another adult suffered minor injuries. It was also reported that the occupants of the truck suffered minor injuries and that no one in the third vehicle was injured. It was not disclosed whether any criminal charges may result from the event.

This fatal Florida accident will likely result in many difficulties for the surviving family members of the decedents. Because multiple family members were lost in this single accident, the costs of funeral arrangements for all three victims could put a financial strain on the family. Further hardships could also result from emotional trauma and other medical expenses. If they wish, the family of the victims may want to find out information on wrongful death claims and how they could use such a civil case to pursue compensation for their losses and other damages.

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