Car Accident in Florida

What are Your Options if Your Car Accident Insurance Claim is Denied in Florida?

If you’re injured in a car accident in Boca Raton, the first thing you’ll have to do is file your insurance claim. If you’re lucky, your claim will be approved and you’ll get your check in a week or two. However, if your claim is denied, you’re going to need to contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Florida.

If the insurance company thinks you’re handling your claim yourself, they’ll try to take advantage of you. However, once they find out that you have an attorney, they’ll take your claim more seriously. They’ll return your lawyer’s phone call and emails. They won’t offer your attorney a lowball settlement. They know that your lawyer isn’t going to let you settle for less than you deserve.

If your settlement claim is denied, your Boca Raton car accident lawyer can help.

Why Would the Insurance Company Deny Your Claim?

Car insurance companies deny claims all the time. If they paid every claim that came through their door, they’d go out of business in no time. They tend to deny claims that are either very large, or ones where they think the claimant was at fault.

If your claim is very large, the insurance adjuster believes they can settle later for much less your full demand. Or, they’d rather take their chances in court than pay out that kind of money.

Some of the other reasons your claim may be denied include:

  • They believe you were at fault for the accident
  • The policy was invalid or was cancelled for non-payment
  • They don’t believe that you were actually injured
  • You have a history of filing accident claims
  • You had a pre-existing condition
  • Your claim was not timely or was missing information

For most of these reasons, your car accident lawyer in Florida can file an appeal. However, if the policy wasn’t valid, there’s nothing your lawyer can do. You’ll have no choice but to file suit against the driver personally.

Your Boca Raton Accident Attorney Will Negotiate a Settlement with the Insurance Adjuster

Your Boca Raton car accident lawyer has years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters. They’ll reach out to them and try to negotiate a settlement of your claim. If this isn’t possible, they’ll file a lawsuit on your behalf.

If you’ve been injured in a car crash, contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Florida right away.

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