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What are Some of the Most Dangerous Toys for Your Child in Florida?

The holidays are not that far away. Whether it’s a birthday or another occasion, if you have kids, you’re used to buying them toys. And, while we all want our kids to have a great time playing, you also need to keep safety in mind when buying them presents. Florida personal injury lawyers have their hands full this time of year. There are toys out there that may seem perfectly safe for your kids. Sadly, some of these toys are the very things that can hurt your children. Product liability attorneys in Florida know what some of these toys are. That’s because they’ve handled personal injury lawsuits for clients before that involve these toys.

This year, you need to be careful about what you buy. Since a lot of shopping is being done online due to the pandemic, it’s even more crucial that you do your homework. Thankfully, we’ve done it for you. Here are some of the most dangerous toys for your child as we approach the holiday season.

It’s Never a Good Idea to Buy Small Children in Florida a Chemistry Set

A lot of companies are advertising toys that help your child learn. This is especially true with so many kids engaging in online learning thanks to COVID-19.  A chemistry set may be a lot of fun for your child. However, any product liability lawyer in Florida will tell you to never give a toy like this to a small child. There are too many small parts involved. Plus, some of the ingredients used to make the experiments are toxic to small kids.

There’s a Reason People Don’t Buy Their Kids Easy Bake Ovens Anymore

A lot of you may remember the Easy Bake Ovens you played with when you were young. Today, experts discourage you from buying your children any toy like this. There is too great a risk your child could get burned from playing with this toy.

Hoverboards Can Be Dangerous at Any Age

As cool as hoverboards may seem, they can be dangerous, especially for a young child. Even adults have a hard time navigating these things. Steer clear of them until your child is at least in their mid-teens.

If your child is injured by any sort of you, call our office and talk to one of our experienced product liability attorneys in Florida.

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