Was age a factor in Delray Beach auto-pedestrian collision?

There is no avoiding age, and as we get older, our bodies are going to fail us. Our muscles may become weaker, our bones more brittle, our hearing will lessen and our eyesight will deteriorate. It isn’t fun, but it is the truth. At what point does age affect our ability to operate a motor vehicle safely?

A recent accident in Delray Beach may have some people wondering if age played a role in the events that day that left a pedestrian with critical injuries at Delray Medical Center.

The pedestrian accident occurred this past week when a 78-year-old female was walking across the street. It is unclear what may have caused the 90-year-old driver’s inability to avoid the elderly pedestrian, but the two collided. During the collision, the pedestrian was struck and then thrown up onto the hood of the vehicle, causing the life-threatening injuries.

In this case, the law enforcement officials that investigated the auto-pedestrian collision had not filed any criminal charges against the elderly driver. Although the investigation was still pending at the time of the Boca News Now report, the officers said that the pedestrian was “not within an intersection or crosswalk when she attempted to cross the roadway.”

Does this last piece of information affect the outcome of a civil personal injury lawsuit? With the limited amount of information, the answer to this question can only go so far as “it depends on the rest of the details and the law of the jurisdiction.” A Boca Raton attorney will study every piece of evidence on a case-by-case basis to determine negligence and a potential claim for compensation.

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