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What is Different About Getting Hurt in an Uber Car Accident?

Suffering any kind of a car accident, be it your fault or not, can be a source of great stress and pain for even the strongest of drivers. Each car accident presents their own set of circumstances and results. While some work as the fault of both drivers, others happen due to one driver’s negligence. However, new cars take the road in diverse ways thanks to the new car-sharing apps. These apps, such as Lyft and Uber, change the way the driving world works. While many understand these apps’ prevalence in the driving world means major changes, few consider their existence in the world of car accidents. For example, what happens in the case of an uber car accident?

You may believe an uber car accident to be like any kind of a car accident, but that is not the case. It’s essential for you to understand how Uber works compared to regular cars. Though the odds of being part of an accident with an Uber are low, no one expects to be in accidents at all. Working with the most preparation and the highest understanding serves as the safest, most comfortable way of driving. Thus, knowing the way uber car accidents work compared to regular car accidents holds great importance.

What is Different About Getting Hurt in an Uber Car Accident?

Uber’s Insurance Policy For Their Drivers

Straight off the bat, knowing Uber’s insurance policy for their drivers makes a world of difference should you be hurt in an Uber car accident. The typical driver owns approximately $15,000 in insurance. Uber ensures their drivers for $1 Million, a significantly higher sum of money per driver. Uber also takes care of uninsured drivers or motorists.

Uber’s high insurance policy for their drivers means you are more likely to have damages sufficiently paid for in the case of an accident. However, should you be injured, your rights only increase. Uber takes the laws very seriously, hence the high payment of insurance. In the case of your being injured by one of their drivers, Uber will wish to handle the accident as quietly and smoothly as possible.

One significant question, however, is who was at fault.

What Happens if I am Hurt by an Accident With an Uber Driver

The keys here are that you were hurt and that the accident was not your fault. If both of these boxes check off, you will fall into the category of someone entitled to compensation. This category includes three sub-sections. First, a driver or passenger injured with an Uber driver of the other car at fault. Second, in case of injury in an Uber accident, you may be the passenger. Should you be the passenger in the regular vehicle or the Uber vehicle, either way you fall into the category of entitlement to compensation.

Where Uber differs from a normal accident is the compensation. Uber’s insurance policies afford you more money as compensation for the accident. As long as you did not cause the accident, you deserve compensation for your medical bills and more. Uber wishes to handle matters quietly and conveniently, a positive for you.

What do I do if I am Injured in an Uber Car Accident?

Now that you understand the differences between Uber car accidents and regular car accidents, it’s time to understand what to do if you are injured in an Uber car accident. Like a regular car accident, taking down your surroundings holds key in your case. However, before doing anything else, make sure you take care of your physical health. Avoiding further damage to your body trumps any other concerns.

Once you trust yourself to be healthy, take down your surroundings. That means every potential witness, every stop light, every detail of both cars. Take down the license numbers and the Uber driver’s ID numbers. Remember, Uber drivers receive insurance from Uber, so receiving their individualized Uber information carries great significance.

Speaking to the Uber driver also works positively for your case. The Uber driver’s reaction to the crash will go a long way towards projecting how the case goes. In car accidents, drivers often disagree over fault. Should the Uber driver agree to being at fault, your chances of receiving proper compensation increase. Taking down notes on what the Uber driver says will help your case.

Would a Lawyer be Able to Assist Me?

Uber Car Accident Lawyers work to ensure you receive proper financial compensation for such accidents. These lawyers specialize in working with crashes involving Uber cars and drivers. Once you work with your Uber driver, you move forward with the case. Uber Car Accident Lawyers understand how Uber works, both as a company and in the system of the law. Accordingly, they understand how to work with Uber to get you what you deserve.

Of course ensuring your health comes first, but ensuring you come out with proper settlement for your accident also holds great importance. Uber car accident lawyers assist you in understanding your rights and Uber’s policies.

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