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In the aftermath of a car crash, the first concern is prompt medical care as needed by the injured. This saves lives and shapes the best recovery possible under the circumstances. Most victims grasp this necessity. Pain and suffering are strong motivators. So is our survival instinct. Once the medical ducks are in a row, the realities of an accident’s effects sharpen the focus on the financial and social impacts. These can be crushing. It can be very hard to think clearly. That’s when hiring the right South Florida personal injury attorney is most urgent. A consultation as soon as is practicable after an accident gives a victim the best chance of getting the compensation he or she deserves.


People don’t often have direct contact with personal injury lawyers until they’ve been hurt. In choosing one, the first absolute must is membership in good standing in the Florida state and local bar associations. These bodies require members to practice ethically.

The next thing to demand is experience. Personal injury law is complex. It covers all kinds of accident and injury types. Car accidents are the most common. However, wide experience in the general area of negligence is of great value. A firm like Silver Injury Law in Boca Raton routinely handles cases of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. In addition to these, we press wrongful death, product liability,  workplace liability, catastrophic injury, premises liability, and other negligence claims.


Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. That is, we don’t receive any fees unless we recover money for a client. The Florida Supreme Court set the percentages of recovered money due to the personal injury attorney. There’s no need to negotiate or bargain. This fee basis has two important features. First, it puts clients and attorneys on the same financial page. Both seek the best possible financial outcome. Secondly, it permits solid firms like Silver Injury Law to offer free initial consultations to injured victims.  And, on taking a case, to explore every possible route to winning the recovery of the monetary damages the client deserves.

The key is to make that call as soon as possible after the injury is sustained.  Silver Injury Law attorneys provide valuable advice about medical care and other matters. And, we advise clients against taking steps that will weaken their later claims. A call to (561)279-3911 can change everything for the better.





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