Plane crash on Florida beach could lead to wrongful death claim

A beach vacation is precisely why many families travel to Florida. The promise of lifelong memories and the relaxing atmosphere are just what busy people need to unwind from the pressures of their lives. When they come here, they are likely not thinking of any possible dangers that they could face. An out-of-state family is enduring a nightmare after the father and daughter were hit and killed by a plane while they were walking on the beach during a family vacation. While it is not yet clear if the surviving family plans any legal action, wrongful death claims on behalf of the estate of both victims may be appropriate.

Their heartbreaking story made national headlines; the accident happened on an otherwise unremarkable afternoon while a father and his daughter were enjoying a stroll along the shoreline. A small plane that had recently taken off from a nearby airport was forced to make a crash landing on the beach. The plane allegedly struck the pair as they walked, and the father was apparently killed instantly. The young girl died the very next day after succumbing to her injuries.

Authorities say that the pilot claims he didn’t see the father and daughter on the beach but has expressed remorse over what transpired. He apologized to the wife of the man who was left behind by this tragedy. Authorities have not announced whether they plan to file any criminal charges against the pilot for what occurred.

No matter whether Florida authorities decide to press charges, the woman who lost her two family members to this accident retains the right to file a wrongful death claim against the pilot. Doing so could mean financial restitution that could be helpful for her to cover any expenses that might have resulted from the crash. Those who are in a similar situation might decide to follow her example

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