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Is a Dog Owner Liable for Dog Bite Injuries in South Florida?

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. That may be true – until a dog bites a man while he’s taking his morning jog. Even a small dog can have a giant bite. If you get bitten by any sort of dog, you’ll likely suffer some pretty serious injuries.

Most states have statutes that deal with dog bites. Most of these statutes hold a dog owner strictly liable for any injuries caused by their dog biting someone. In Florida, if you get bit by someone’s dog, they will probably be responsible for any damages you suffer.

If you get bit by your neighbor’s dog, you’re going to need to call an experienced personal injury lawyer in South Florida. They can review your case and let you know if you have a solid claim against the dog’s owner.

What is the Dog Bite Law in Florida?

In Florida, if someone’s dog bites a person in a public place, they’re going to be liable for damages. Even if the dog bite takes place on private property, if the victim had a right to be there, they can sue for damages.

Unlike other states, whether or not the dog’s owner knows their dog is vicious, they can still be held responsible. This means that, even if they had no reason to think their dog would attack you, they’ll still have to pay your medical bills and other damages.

There is one exception to this rule. If someone has a sign on their property warning people that they have a “bad dog”, they may be off the hook. So, if you sell door to door windows and someone has a sign warning of a dangerous dog, be careful. They may not have to pay for any medical bills that result from a dog bite.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer in South Florida Can Get You Damages

When attacked by someone’s dog, you may have a claim for damages. You’ll could qualify for the following:

  • Medical bills and future medical bills
  • Lost Wages and Future Lost Earnings
  • Pain and Suffering

When bitten by a stranger’s dog – or even your best friend’s dog – call and talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in South Florida . They can review your case and let you know what it may be worth. The initial consultation is free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.

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