Florida truck accident results in driver’s death

Accidents can take place suddenly, and drivers may not be able to avoid being involved. When drivers unexpectedly turn in front of another vehicle, it is likely that a crash will occur. If a tractor-trailer is involved, that truck accident can potentially result in serious damage or even death. In such a situation, there may be cause for a negatively affected party to pursue legal action.

It was recently reported that an accident in Florida resulted in the death of one individual. A tractor-trailer was traveling east when another vehicle traveling west attempted to make a left turn. This turn brought that vehicle into the path of the truck, which resulted in a collision. The truck then left the roadway and hit several objects.

Both drivers were transported from the scene and taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. Unfortunately, the truck driver succumbed to those injuries and was declared dead. While at the hospital, the driver of the other vehicle apparently became combative and struck a nurse who was trying to treat him. That driver was charged for battery of a caregiver. It was not mentioned whether any charges relating to the fatal accident were filed.

Because this truck accident led to the death of an individual, the victim’s family may wish to consider their legal options. Filing a wrongful death claim against the driver considered at fault could allow the surviving family to pursue compensation for their loss and other damages. Information on filing such claims in Florida may help individuals determine whether this is a path they wish to follow.

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