Fatal Florida car accident claims 2 lives

A fatal car crash is something no family should have to go through. When the collision involves drugs or alcohol, it can be doubly devastating to those who lose loved ones, as they may wonder if the tragedy could have been prevented. A recent car accident here in Florida that took the lives of two young women might have been avoidable, as the woman who stands accused of the crash may have been under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred.

Authorities allege that the woman was driving the wrong way when her car struck another head-on, killing the two women inside. Police claim that her blood alcohol level was two times over the legal limit when the crash occurred. They also point to a social media exchange the woman is said to have sent to her boyfriend just before the crash happened, which seems to indicate that she was intoxicated. She is now facing several criminal charges such as manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

At this time, there is no word on whether the families of the victims are planning on taking civil legal action against this woman. They are upset with the driver and grieving for their lost family members. For her part, the driver has shown remorse and regret for her alleged actions, but the families say that no amount of apology will bring back the two victims.

The families of either of the victims may make the decision to pursue a civil claim against the driver who is accused of causing this car accident, no matter the outcome of the criminal trial. A successful claim could result in monetary restitution that may be used toward unpaid medical bills, funeral costs or other expenses related to this tragedy here in Florida. Hopefully, the families will be able to seek closure and find a way to move on with their lives.

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