Elderly drivers: Florida man injures 2 at plaza

Certain groups of motorists might be more likely to be involved in a car accident. Elderly drivers can fall into this category, due to the fact that their advanced age can slow their reflexes, impair their vision or make them more susceptible to sudden medical conditions like a heart attack or a stroke. A 73-year-old Florida man is accused of causing an accident that hurt two people and himself, as well as damaging property at a public plaza.

Authorities say that the accident happened on a recent afternoon when an older gentleman failed to maintain control of his vehicle. For no discernible reason, officials say he accelerated and hit a concrete wall near a gym. Flying debris allegedly hit a woman entering the building and injured her. The man’s vehicle then ran into a person on a bike before hitting another car. The injured woman and the bike rider are both currently receiving treatment in a nearby hospital, while the car driver is in critical condition at another hospital.

Police have not discussed any possible insight they may have on exactly what caused the man to lose control of his car. At this time, they have not announced any plans to press criminal charges against him. Workers at the plaza had to work for several hours to clean up the area, but many people are counting themselves lucky they were not also injured.

Even if no criminal charges are filed against the man, the victims who were injured may each decide to file a civil claim in a Florida court. If such a claim were successfully litigated, it could result in monetary remuneration that could be useful in paying their medical expenses or other costs that might have resulted from the incident. Floridians may want to consider this crash if they have elderly drivers within their families and determine what the best course of action might be for them.

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