Couple killed in crash blamed on alleged speeding, drunk driver

On Thanksgiving night, a couple lost their lives in a fatal car accident. The Florida investigators believe that the crash was caused by the driver of the second vehicle. That driver is thought to have been speeding and intoxicated.

The couple was driving home after visiting with friends on Thanksgiving night when they approached an intersection in St. Petersburg. An SUV was also approaching the intersection at the same time, but the authorities indicate that the driver was traveling in excess of 100 mph. The two cars collided, causing the SUV to roll over multiple times. While the driver of the SUV only suffered minor injuries, the couple in the car was killed in the crash.

The investigators also suspect that the driver of the SUV was involved in a separate crash that occurred just moments before the fatal accident. In that instance, the driver supposedly ran a red light, hit a different vehicle and left the scene of the accident. The driver of that vehicle only suffered minor injuries. The man was arrested after the fatal accident, and he now faces two counts of DUI manslaughter as well as multiple other traffic charges.

A fatal car crash is a tragedy, but the situation becomes even more tragic when two family members are lost at the same time. However, after taking time to grieve after the horrific tragedy, the couple’s surviving family can choose to take legal action against the driver of the SUV. Florida wrongful death lawsuits may be pursued in an effort to not only claim financial damages, but also to attempt to gain some peace of mind by seeking to hold the driver believed responsible fully accountable for his actions.

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