Civil cases could stem from fatal Florida car accident

Sending a child to daycare can sometimes be a difficult decision for parents. They may worry about how their child will feel being left with someone else, and they may also worry about the safety of their child. However, after dropping their child off, those parents may not be overly worried that a car accident will harm the child. Unfortunately, sudden accidents can take place under any circumstances.

An accident took place earlier this year in Florida that led to a daycare facility being damaged and many individuals being injured. It was reported that a car was attempting to turn into the driveway for the daycare when the car was hit in the rear by an SUV. As a result, the car then collided with the building.

It was reported that at least one individual was killed, and approximately 12 other individuals were injured. The deceased victim’s age was not released in the report. Recently, a jury found the driver of the SUV guilty on several charges during the criminal proceedings. Five of those charges were felonies, and leaving the scene of an accident was among those allegations.

Though the criminal proceedings relating to this serious car accident are coming to a close, the family of the deceased victim and the injured parties may wish to consider their own legal recourses. Because the driver of the SUV was found guilty on charges relating to the incident, civil claims may have a better chance for success. The conviction may be able to be used as evidence by parties who wish to move forward with wrongful death or personal injury claims in Florida.

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