Car accident where the car crashes into the back of a bus

When Bus Advertising Makes an Impact

When driving around Palm Beach County, chances are you have seen a PalmTran bus with a
law firm advertisement on the back or the side. At Silver Injury Law we want to make sure as
many people as possible have access to quality legal representation after an auto accident, so
we’ve used these ads to spread the word about our services.

Over the years, it was inevitable that someday, someone would end up in an accident with one
of our buses. While thankfully none of these accidents were too serious, stories and pictures like
these highlight the dangers of bus accidents caused by negligence. If you or a loved one were
injured in a bus accident in Boynton Beach or the surrounding areas, schedule a free
consultation with Silver Injury Law today by calling 561-336-6331.

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Bus Accidents Can Have Serious Consequences

While it may be comical to see a car strike a bus with a personal injury advertisement on the
back, bus accidents can be devastating for the people involved. Though buses provide valuable
transportation options for people without a personal vehicle, they are also some of the largest
vehicles traveling along busy county roads.

When a car and a bus collide, there can be all types of injuries or even fatalities. Bus accidents
endanger both the occupants of the passenger vehicle as well as passengers on the bus and
pedestrians in the area.

An accident between a bus and a passenger car can be especially dangerous because of the
difference in size between the two vehicles. Buses weigh much more than the standard car or truck
and can hit a vehicle with much more force, inflicting serious injuries. Additionally, passengers
who are inside the bus are often thrown around and suffer injuries due to the nature of the
vehicle. Riders on buses are often not paying attention to traffic and are unprepared for an
accident and those who are elderly or disabled may be especially vulnerable to injuries even
after relatively small collisions.

Get Help After A Bus Accident Injury in Boynton Beach

An accident involving a transportation vehicle can be complicated because of the many people
who may be to blame for the accident. For example, the driver of the passenger vehicle or the
driver of the bus might be liable if he or she was negligent. In addition, the bus company and the
county or municipality which operates the bus may share some responsibility. If there is a
mechanical problem that causes or contributes to causing the accident, then the company
that maintains the buses may also be held liable to pay damages to anyone injured.

With all of this to sort out, it is important to hire a car accident attorney that understands how to
pursue the most compensation for your accident or injury. If you or a loved one was injured in a
bus accident in Boynton Beach or the surrounding areas, our attorneys can review your case for
free. There’s no cost to you unless we win your case. Find out more about your legal options by
contacting us today at 561-336-6331.

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