Boca Raton Wrongful Death Lawyer

Boca Raton Wrongful Death LawyerBoca Raton wrongful death lawyer Bruce F. Silver can help with a case since the attorney defends the rights of people. At Silver Injury Law are known throughout the community as one to help people with personal injuries. Sometimes, though, some people get themselves in criminal activity, and may not intentionally hurt others, and show much remorse after doing so. That is why we also represent clients as a Boca Raton criminal defense lawyer.

Boca Raton Wrongful Death Lawyer vs Criminal Defense Lawyer: A Closure

We deal with all aspects of criminal defense, whether it be an arrest with criminal charges, the criminal investigation, sentencing, post-trial issues, and appeals. Typically we defend people’s rights when it comes to personal injury or wrongful death. There are criminal defense matters too, with misdemeanor or felony charges, misdemeanor crimes are less punishing but still can affect ones’ life for years to come. Whereas felony crimes can punish one for much longer.

This most recent weekend Bruce F. Silver was quoted on the front page of the Sun-Sentinel representing the surviving family of Elourdes Ostagne, age 66 and a mother of 10. The defendant, 23-year-old Bryce Samartino of Weston, FL on March 1, 2015, had made a decision that changed his life forever, driving under the influence and hitting Ostagne. The defendant showed extreme remorse about his actions to the family and accepted blame for the wrongful death of the Boca Raton pedestrian last year. The Plea Agreement provided gave a reduced to a four-year prison term with the full support of the family of the victim, a mother of 10. The family agreed with the State Attorney’s office to be lenient because it is a tragedy for everyone involved. Samartino gave up his right to a trial by pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter; he got the least damaging outcome possible in comparison to the 15 years of prison Samartino could have faced. With the reduced sentence the client will see four years of probation and never have a drivers license again. Samartino will see his freedom again before he is 28 and can go on with his life and try to move on.

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