Boca Raton head-on collision leaves more questions than answers

Passersby of a recent accident in Boca Raton most likely could have written the media report that covered the collision. Driving by the intersection of Glades Road and 441, they could have determined that two cars collided head-on. They could have assumed that one driver was heading the wrong way or swerved across the center lane into oncoming traffic. Maybe the driver ran a red light.

Those that passed by could have guessed that the individuals involved were seriously injured and may have been rushed to nearby West Boca Medical Center for treatment. This isn’t a criticism of the local news source, but it is often the situation a victim is left in after an accident. They are left with little detail, with more questions than answers.

This accident mentioned in Boca News Now occurred on Feb. 2 in West Boca Raton. Victims of an accident of this type or a family member may want to enlist the assistance of a personal injury attorney who will conduct an independent investigation into the incident.

The attorney will ask about the weather conditions that day, the actions of the accident-causing driver before her or she got behind the wheel, the circumstances of the collision itself and maybe even the behavior or statements of those involved after the dust has settled.

The attorney will ask these questions and many more to determine the cause or contributing factors in a car accident. The attorney will use this evidence to establish liability so that victims can receive the compensation that would cover their medical expenses, lost wages and other damages suffered at the hands of a negligent driver.

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