Beloved Florida college coach victim of head-on crash

A car crash can occur at any time and happen to any one. Despite that fact, people are often shocked to hear that a loved one or someone who is otherwise known to them was the victim of a car crash. This has been the case for a Florida community rallying behind a beloved basketball coach from Northwest Florida State College.

The coach, who focuses his talents on working with women’s basketball, and his wife were headed north on a state highway when another vehicle struck his head-on. The intensity of event closed down highways and injured at least three parties — the coach, his wife (who was riding with him( and the driver of the other car. Both drivers were trapped in their vehicles and had to be cut out of them. The coach’s wife was taken to a hospital by ambulance, but fortunately, was released on the day following the crash so that she could be at her husband’s side.

Helicopters were flown to the crash site to rush the coach and the other driver to nearby medical facilities for treatment. Originally, the coach was listed in critical condition. After 24 hours, his condition remained critical. Apparently, at least one surgical procedure was required.

At this point, the Florida authorities have not released a cause for the crash. However, they indicated that intoxication is not suspected. Additionally, it seems to be accepted that the coach was not apparently at fault. Consequently, if he and/or his family chooses, a personal injury lawsuit may be filed in the future to seek a monetary award to cover costs associated with the crash and other damages recognized by our laws. Many times, these types cases are able to settle out of court, especially if the police reports support the plaintiff’s allegations.

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