mistakes after car accident


The aftermath of a car accident can be rough. The more serious the injury or damage, the harder this period is.  These are uncharted waters for most people.  Moreover, the financial issues hang overhead like a dark cloud. Insurers, the source of financial relief, don’t want to pay out.  What’s more, everyone fears that the law in this area is a maze of loopholes, exceptions, and conditions. Are there known mistakes to avoid after an accident?


Contacting an experienced area personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident is, of course, a given. The consultation costs nothing. The benefit can undeniably be very substantial. The attorney can do great things to get justice and compensation for accident victims.

One thing even the best lawyer can’t do, however, is travel back in time. That is, an attorney can’t undo things his or her client has already done. The chaos and stress after an accident all too often lead people to make mistakes that weaken their claims later on. Here are some of the most common of these missteps, a  Do Not Do List for after an accident.


First of all, don’t leave the scene! You can’t take the essential post-accident steps if you do. In addition, leaving the scene of an accident may be a criminal act.

Here’s a tough one: don’t lose control of yourself.  In particular, don’t accuse anyone of bad driving, traffic violations, or fault for the accident.

Don’t admit fault. It’s obviously not going to help any claim you make later. This is without a doubt the trap many accident victims set for themselves just by being decent people. No matter what, don’t even apologize. Do not say you’re sorry. This can and will be held up as an admission of fault.


Don’t forget to call 911. The dispatcher will figure out what resources to send to the scene. An accident victim isn’t in any condition to make those judgments. In most cases, the police will be dispatched.

Don’t refuse medical care. If paramedics offer treatment, accept it. If they want to transport you or anyone else to the hospital, agree. In short, this is no time to be a hero. Sometimes people with serious injuries don’t realize it. Let the pros be the judges. 

Don’t keep the police out of it. A police report is the iron-clad proof that the accident actually happened. In fact, only the police can create an immutable record of the accident and those involved. The other drivers’ ID can be fake or expired. So can any insurance cards they show to you. Therefore, don’t let other drivers persuade you to “handle it like gentlemen”. 

Don’t go it alone. Right after an accident, you are on your own. This guide spells out the mistakes to avoid after an accident. That is, steps that can roadblock your efforts to get compensation. As has been noted, the important thing is to touch base ASAP with an area personal injury attorney. That one phone call can steer things back onto the road to recovery.






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