3 fatalities could mean wrongful death suit in Florida crash

When a car accident happens, many people respond to the scene in an effort to assist the victims and determine why the crash occurred. In the case of a collision on the interstate, there is a risk that those attending to the scene could also be injured by passing traffic, typically traveling at high rates of speed. Certain precautionary measures are in place in most states that minimize this danger, but accidents do still happen, sometimes resulting in a wrongful death suit. Recently here in Florida, three people were killed while attending to a collision that had been moved to the side of the road, including a state trooper.

The initial car accident involved two vehicles that had been moved to the side of the road when another vehicle hit the three people who were on the scene. Two of those who were struck died at the accident site — a Florida state trooper and a tow truck driver. A third man died later after being rushed to a nearby hospital. Police have not disclosed his role in the original accident.

Authorities plan to examine both eyewitness accounts and any collected evidence to reach a conclusion. Charges have not been filed at this time as police are still attempting to piece together the details of the fatal crash to determine exactly what occurred. No announcements have been made about the state of the driver who may stand accused of hitting and killing the three people.

The tragedy of this accident here in Florida is being felt across the state as law enforcement mourn the passing of the state trooper. Whether or not the driver who hit all three people faces criminal charges, any of the victims’ families may decide to file a wrongful death claim in a civil court. If such a suit were successful, it could mean financial compensation for those who lost their loved ones. Hopefully, everyone involved can find healing after such a devastating loss.

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