Motorcycle accident leads to deaths in Florida

Losing family members in sudden accidents may mean that individuals have much to deal with in a short period of time. Surviving family may need to determine how to handle funeral arrangements, estate issues and other aspects that may arise from a fatal motorcycle accident. Because such situations can be stressful and lead to financial … Read more

Boca Raton head-on collision leaves more questions than answers

Passersby of a recent accident in Boca Raton most likely could have written the media report that covered the collision. Driving by the intersection of Glades Road and 441, they could have determined that two cars collided head-on. They could have assumed that one driver was heading the wrong way or swerved across the center … Read more

Fatal Florida car accident claims 2 lives

A fatal car crash is something no family should have to go through. When the collision involves drugs or alcohol, it can be doubly devastating to those who lose loved ones, as they may wonder if the tragedy could have been prevented. A recent car accident here in Florida that took the lives of two … Read more

Woman on scooter killed in Florida car accident

One of the most important aspects of driving is remaining aware of the surroundings, including changes in road conditions and the actions of other drivers. Attempting to anticipate what may be ahead could also possibly allow drivers to be more cautious and maybe avoid a car accident. If a driver is not paying the utmost … Read more