Florida bicyclist killed, another injured in car accident

Hit-and-run accidents are serious matters than can lead to an unprecedented amount of stress and confusion for individuals involved in such an accident. When a driver leaves the scene of a car accident, there can be a delay in the time it takes for injured individuals to receive medical attention if there are no other … Read more

145,000 Floridians per year suffer a brain injury

Every year, approximately 145,000 people suffer a brain injury in Florida. These injuries can be caused from a number of sources, including contact sports, car accidents, falls and intentional crimes. In some cases, these individuals may be treated and released without serious complications, but a minimum of 9,000 of these cases will result in disabilities … Read more

Young girl suffers brain injury after being hit by car in Florida

When an individual suffers a head injury, the results can be severe. Such an injury could lead to substantial difficulties in recovery and cause long-term hardships for the individual affected. If a brain injury is the result of a car accident, the family of the victim may want to seek compensation for medical expenses by … Read more