Uber and Lyft Logos

Uber and Lyft.  Inevitably, accidents.  It’s a brave new legal world. Where taxis of various types once ruled, Uber and Lyft now dominate. Uber alone accounts for about 85% of the US ride-hailing market. That’s 15 million rides every day. 10 billion rides since startup. Lyft is Uber’s closest rival, although way behind in traffic … Read more

Boca Raton Auto Accident Attorney

Boca Raton’s Auto Accident Lawyer When you least expect it, an auto accident can hinder your day to day routines. If you are injured due to someone else’s carelessness, it is important to contact a Boca Raton auto accident attorney to see what they can assist you with. Accidents can leave you with medical bills, damage … Read more


Truck underride accidents are the stuff of nightmares. These are collisions between a passenger car and a truck trailer. The gap between a trailer’s bottom and the road surface is enough for the car front to run under it. But not the passenger compartment. The impact then partially or completely shears off the car’s roof. … Read more

A Florida truck accident can involve more than just the driver

When someone in Florida is involved in a collision with a truck, the risk of injury or fatality is significant. A truck driver who negligently caused a truck accident can be held responsible, and the trucking company that the driver works for may also be considered accountable. This is because the employer typically bears financial … Read more

Florida truck accident leads to motorcyclist’s death

Vehicle collisions can take place under various circumstances. As a result, it is important that investigators examine all potential factors that may have contributed to an accident, especially if there are serious injuries or fatalities. A truck accident could easily lead to such outcomes, particularly if a motorcycle is involved. Investigations can often uncover aspects … Read more