Florida Personal Injury Attorney

In the aftermath of a car crash, the first concern is prompt medical care as needed by the injured. This saves lives and shapes the best recovery possible under the circumstances. Most victims grasp this necessity. Pain and suffering are strong motivators. So is our survival instinct. Once the medical ducks are in a row, … Read more


Uber and Lyft Logos

Uber and Lyft.  Inevitably, accidents.  It’s a brave new legal world. Where taxis of various types once ruled, Uber and Lyft now dominate. Uber alone accounts for about 85% of the US ride-hailing market. That’s 15 million rides every day. 10 billion rides since startup. Lyft is Uber’s closest rival, although way behind in traffic … Read more


CAr Flipped

Some 90 million people visit Florida each year. Around 25 million of these opt for South Florida. About one in four visitors rents a car here.  Therefore, the odds that a crash will involve a rental car go way up in the tourist season. Hence, it’s wise to learn the liability issues related to rental … Read more

Pricing Your Pain for Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Cases

At some point soon after being hurt in any kind of accident, a person’s thoughts naturally turn to the matter of being made “whole”. The focus then shifts to the question of fault. If another person or persons are to be held accountable, the matter must be directed through the laws governing personal injury. If … Read more


Truck underride accidents are the stuff of nightmares. These are collisions between a passenger car and a truck trailer. The gap between a trailer’s bottom and the road surface is enough for the car front to run under it. But not the passenger compartment. The impact then partially or completely shears off the car’s roof. … Read more