What Kind of Damages Can You Get for a Slip and Fall Injury in South Florida this Holiday Season?

slip and fall injury in South Florida

With so many people out and about shopping this holiday season, the stores will be crowded. They’ll also get pretty messy. With so many people up and down the aisles, there’s a greater chance that you could fall and get hurt. People spill their drinks and snacks. They also knock things off the shelves and … Read more

Do You Have to Sue Your Friend or Neighbor for a Premises Liability Injury in South Florida?

Florida premise liability lawyer

The holiday season is upon us and we’re going to be enjoying parties with families and friends. This means you’re going to be at friend’s and neighbor’s homes for dinners, gift exchanges and cocktail parties. Given the fact that alcohol is typically consumed at these holiday parties, the odds of someone getting hurt are high. … Read more

Does Car Insurance Cover the Car or the Driver in Florida?

Car accident lawyer in Florida

A lot of car accident victims get scared when they find out the person who caused their accident has no insurance. Maybe the person driving is a teenager and they haven’t even had their license more than a few weeks. Or, it could be someone who borrowed their neighbor’s car. The last thing we think … Read more