pedestrian hit by car

Florida, sadly, is always one of the top three states for pedestrian accidents and fatalities. Pedestrians are hit by cars here every day. Walking in Florida is about as risky as walking gets in America. Victims of pedestrian accidents are almost certain to need the help of dedicated, experienced pedestrian accident attorneys.  PEDESTRIANS HIT BY CARS: THE NUMBERS … Read more


workplace injury

In most cases, an employee’s remedies for workplace injuries have to come through Florida’s Workers’ Compensation law.   It’s a “no-fault” law. The benefits an injured employee can get have nothing to do fault.  Moreover, the benefits are strictly economic. They cover medical and rehab expenses. The benchmark income benefit is two-thirds of lost wages. The money comes from … Read more


wrongful death wilted flowers

Life is a fragile thing. Sometimes personal injury leads to the worst outcome of all. We’re all mortal. We all must pass away some time. Usually, the circumstances are natural and normal. Sometimes, however, a fatality is due to the wrongful or negligent act of another person. In such cases, the law may allow a … Read more