Motorcycle Cases

damaged motorcycle lies on the street, police car arrives in the background

Motorcycles are involved in just under 4% of all vehicle accidents but account for nearly 15% of fatalities.  More than 95% of riders involved in a crash sustain an injury of some kind, with roughly half of these severe injuries. There’s no mystery in this. Cars envelop passengers in a  protective barrier. Motorcycles don’t. Florida’s … Read more


Girl With Injured Leg

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are about 9 million ER visits annually for children’s accidental injuries. About 12,000 of these injuries prove fatal. Kids being kids, sometimes their injuries are an inescapable outcome of living a normal life, nobody’s fault. But in some cases, negligence is what led to the accident, … Read more


Lyft Driver

Uber. Lyft.  Transportation network companies (TNC). The so-called “ride-sharing” services burst into the lives of Floridians in 2014 and have changed the way we get around. Along with expanded choices in transportation, we’re having to adapt to a new type of personal injury case, those involving ride-sharing vehicles. Injured passengers, drivers, and other injured parties … Read more



Anyone who’s been seriously injured can relate to the feelings of helplessness, of vulnerability, the menacing sense of despair as the medical bills piled up and earned income dwindles. Personal injury attorneys can readily describe the profound sense of relief they see in so many new clients when the contingent fee compensation relationship is explained. … Read more


FLorida Apartments

Personal injury claims by tenants against their landlords are not uncommon in Florida, where about 35% of residents are renters. Landlords, like all property owners, are subject to claims of negligence by any person injured while legitimately on their premises.  Florida law (83.51 Landlord’s obligation to maintain premises) goes further, recognizes that a landlord’s duty … Read more