Hip Replacement Product Recalls Are On the Rise

hip replacement recalls

We hear about them all the time in the news. We’ve seen exploding phones and faulty appliances. Even tainted foods and defective vehicles have all graced the front page of papers nationwide, because of concerns for consumer safety. There has been more than 20 major product recalls in 2016 alone. Perhaps most concerning, however, is the rise … Read more

Major Issues Surrounding Social Security Insurance (SSI)

social security insurance

There are two types of Social Security Insurance, (1) Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and (2) Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI). Social Security Disability Insurance aids disabled persons who are unable to work. Working more than the required number of years and paying Social Security Taxes (FICA) qualifies you for SSDI. Precisely, you need to have … Read more

4 Steps on How to Claim Car Accident Insurance

how to claim car accident insurance

You’ve had a car accident, and now you have questions on how to claim car accident insurance. No matter how small the damage, you want to make a claim — that’s why you pay for insurance. Essentially, a claim is compensation for damages you or another party sustains in an accident. There are several factors … Read more