Boca Raton DUI Defense Lawyer

Boca Raton DUI Defense LawyerA quality Boca Raton DUI defense lawyer, such as those at Silver Injury Law defends clients with criminal and traffic offenses related to driving under intoxication. We are the top-notch lawyers in the Boca Raton area with offices in both Boca and Boynton Beach. We will help you move quickly to protect yourself and your driving privileges as you have ten days from the day of your arrest to request a Formal Review hearing with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. This examination can determine your ability to drive in the immediate future and to be able to operate in the future without restriction.

DUI offenses are taken very seriously under Florida law. For a first time conviction of over the .08% limit, here are the minimum penalties:

  • Six-month loss of license
  • Ten-day immobilization or impoundment of your car
  • A mandatory 50 hours of community service
  • DUI school with treatment to follow
  • Six months probation
  • At least $500

Outside of the minimum penalties are things unforeseen. If you got a DUI in the state of Florida, you would need an FR44, a certificate of financial responsibility (CFR). The State of Florida requires an FR44, which is provided by your auto insurance company. One way to get around being forced to get an FR44 is to upgrade your insurance to the FR44 minimums in Florida of 100/300/50 immediately after your arrest. When Florida sends the letter to demanding an FR44 with the minimum coverage, there’s an option that says something similar to “Unless you prove that your insurance already have this type of coverage minimums.” Usually, your auto insurance company will ask for six months worth of premiums up-front to be able to obtain an insurance policy. Expensive! Never mind the embarrassment of not having any money, or being able to drive yourself! Once you get your vehicle back, you may need a DUI Ignition Interlock device. That’s essentially a breathalyzer in your car, and every time you turn your car on, you have to blow into it for it for the car start, and also blow into it at random times. At Silver Injury Law, P.A. we are a Boca Raton DUI Defense Lawyer ready to fight to defend you from having to do such things.

Experienced Boca Raton DUI Defense Lawyer

No one in the Boca Raton DUI defense lawyer field is as knowledgeable or has nearly as much as experience as Bruce Silver. Admitted to the Florida Bar in 1992, Bruce has practiced on a multitude of DUI defense law cases with a successful track record. You can see this through his impeccable client reviews on Google, Avvo, and elsewhere. We help you understand your rights and investigate whether law enforcement followed the correct procedure during your stop, detainment, DUI investigation and arrest. There’s plenty of technicalities during a DUI arrest, from the Roadside Field Sobriety Test to a Breathalyzer test, we understand these exactly in a way that would hold up in court.

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